August Goals

This past month was a very different month for me. I didn’t really hit my goals for July, but I hit many milestones. My dog passed away after 13 amazing years as my best friend and I bought my first car. Both of these things happening in the same month was very surreal for me, since they both reflect that now I have finished college, I am officially entering a new chapter in my life. So, I have a couple of different goals for August…

  1. Enjoy the end of the summer. I have been going to preseason for the past 8 years now, so typically I am currently feeling anxious for the upcoming season. Words cannot express how grateful I am to not have this stress in my life, even though I did enjoy all of my years playing. With that said, I feel like I have another summer ahead of me, now that I can actually do things for the entire month of August!
  2. Continue to increase my social statistics. Specifically, for Instagram, I am hoping to hit 1,000 followers this coming month. I have really put a lot of time, money and thought into my Instagram this past month, so I am hoping it pays off! In addition, like every month, as I am getting more confident online and finding my style, I am trying to also improve my quality of content. I have different videos planned for my YouTube channel this month, so I hope you guys like it!
  3. Improve my diet. I have a relatively  healthy diet, but I do really want to hone in on increasing my protein and vegetables for every meal. I have started getting eczema randomly this past month (I have never had it in my 22 years) so I am really trying to figure out what it is, but in the mean time, eating cleaner.

What are your goals for this upcoming month?


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