Driving the Big Sur Itinerary

We started off our drive in San Francisco. We weren’t sure if we were going to be able to drive the Big Sur, since there was so much rain and warnings of flooding/mudslides. Thankfully, there wasn’t as much rain as anticipated and even though it was cloudy the whole day, we were so grateful to be able to drive the Big Sur! Before hitting the Big Sur, we stopped in Monterey for lunch! We found a local pub-like restaurant, ordered fish & chips, walked around the town for a little bit to stretch our legs and then got back in the car. Then, we drove the 17 mile drive to Carmel by the Sea and stopped at the world-class Pebble Beach golf course.

We stayed the night in a Hilton hotel in Monterey, then got up the next morning to explore Carmel. Carmel totally blew me away. It was a beautiful little town, that some buildings kind of reminded me of the Hobbit (haha!). There are so many great places to eat and shop, I couldn’t recommend it more!

Then, the Big Sur! It was cold and windy when we were driving it, so we took quick pit stops to see the view and take pictures.

At the end, when we got back on the highway, we realized how hungry we were, so we decided it was a great time to get In-and-Out burger, our absolute favorite!

There is no better fast food place on the planet. End of story.


Watch my YouTube video for more details!

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