Goals for June

The month of May was a bit hectic for me as I transitioned out of college into working full time starting 2 days after graduation. Now that I have been working full time for 3 weeks, I finally feel like I am getting a handle on my new normal and new routine. I have put a lot of things off towards the end of my college career that I wanted to do, like put time into my social media, so I am excited to finally have a proper routine where I have learned to carve out time to do the things I want.

My goals for the month of June are

  1. Focus on my YouTube channel content. I wanted to start a YouTube channel a year and a half ago and it took about 16 months for everything to fall into place and for me to have gained enough confidence to just do it. At first, I was solely concentrating on filming and uploading 2 videos a week in order to just be consistent. Now that I have gotten into that routine, gotten a little more confident and have gotten feedback from viewers, I feel like I am ready to push myself and my channel to the next step. I originally thought my channel would primarily be vlogs, but in fact I barely have any of those up, because I haven’t been doing anything too exciting yet to film. So, now that summer is here and I am settling into my job, I will be planning out more vlogs for my channel and just better quality videos in general. I would love to get my subscription number up, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, it would mean the WORLD to me! You can subscribe here.
  2. Find my Instagram style. I have had Instagram from day 1, back in the OG days of middle school and have always enjoyed it. Since I have taken Instagram more seriously, I have had difficulty trying to find my style. I have always been about the aesthetic, but I have played around a lot with types of content, different filters, etc. and still haven’t found something that has stuck. I also have been hyper focused on the stats of my Instagram and even though that is important, I think I was losing my creativity because I was so fixated on the statistics. I have been really thinking about what I like about the people who I follow the most and I figured out that the people I love following not only post quality pictures but also really open up in the pictures about their daily lives and really add a personal touch to their Instagram/pictures so you feel like you know them. So, I have been trying to make my Instagram a day in the life kind of style and making my captions more personal as opposed to focusing solely on the aesthetic of my grid.
  3. A secret project I am working on with my sister. My sister and I have always been close. We have definitely gone through phases of being inseparable and phases of constantly getting on each others nerves. Now that we are living together again and we have both grown up a little bit, we are getting along more and more and are planning on collaborating on a new project which will be released in July!

What are your goals for June?!


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