Homegoods Fall Haul


It is safe to say that Homegoods is one of my favorite places to go to get festive things! The first thing I picked up was this beautiful faux flower box! I love this product especially for the colors. My room interior design is neutral and minimal. This flower box perfectly compliments my regular room decor while adding a fall twist.



Next up is this pillow! I love everything about this! I like to add some color into my room in a small, subtle way. Having this 1 pillow in my room is nice to have a fall festive touch without overwhelming everything else in my room. I love the simple, crisp writing on the pillow in gold and I love the message! One of my favorite parts about fall is the warm, comfy, cozy feeling, so this was the perfect way to help my room feel that!



The last 2 items are this candle and the pumpkin. The candle smells AMAZING. It is a vanilla, pumpkin scent, which is not too strong, just enough to smell like fall baking! I love the white, simple, and crisp writing and the message itself! Friendsgiving is another thing I always look forward to during this year, so it is a nice reminder on the things that I love most about fall! Again, the color of the candle is a nice way to insert some fall festive color into my room without it being overbearing.

That is why I love this white pumpkin! The pumpkin itself is fall, but because it is white and gold, it seamlessly blends the few colored fall pieces to my regular room decor.

If you want to hear and see me go into more depth about these items, watch my YouTube video below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! It means the world to me!



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