ICYMI: I Have a Podcast!

I am SO excited to announce that I have started my own podcast! I felt like there was a gap in my content where I wanted to utilize a podcast in order to bring more value to you guys. I had done a few sit down Youtube videos before just talking to the camera, but I found them to be less exciting/interesting. I think it’s so much easier to just put a podcast on thru your car or earphones as you do something, especially since you can’t listen to a Youtube video and lock your phone.

In addition, I started listening to podcasts in 2019, so I feel like a lot more people are listening to podcasts, so people would be more willing to hear me!

Every episode I learn something new whether it is sound quality, structure of the interview, etc. so I appreciate you all being patient with me on learning in the process!

Let me know if there’s anything you guys want to hear on my podcast or have any feedback whatsoever! I am excited for what the future has to bring.


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