July Goals

This month, I want to continue with the path I am on with a long of things in my life, but just focusing on perfecting them…

  1. First up and most importantly, is my eating. I have waited so long to be in the routine that I am in now so that I could meal prep and do a better job with the foods I eat. I have definitely gotten better but I still need to increase my protein intake and vegetables! I am aiming for 80% of my body weight in grams of protein. (Ex. I weigh 150lbs so 150 x 0.8 = 120g of protein/day). This is a goal for me to maintain/loose weight. Protein is not only critical for the health and function of your organs but also important for if you want to gain, loose of maintain weight because it makes you more full after eating it. Therefore, if you are more full throughout the day, you will be less likely to eat processed foods.
  2. Another goal of mine is to take my YouTube content to the next level. I have been really watching the stats of my channel and have found that my monthly favorites videos are just filling space and are not popular, so I am getting rid of them! I will still continue to do monthly favorites on my blog, because I think it is a nice opportunity to talk about the products I am currently loving! I also want to do a better job with figuring out a better place to film my makeup videos and continue to improve my editing skills for all my videos! I always love feedback, so don’t hesitate to comment on videos or message me in some form on things that you like or don’t like about my channel!
  3. Lastly, Instagram. I know not a lot of people watch IG TV videos, but I think I am going to upload 2 videos/month on there to invest in the possibility of the platform taking off. Since the videos are shorter (<10mins) I was thinking of doing makeup videos, workout videos, and anything else that comes to mind! Again, let me know what you think and what you would like to see from me! In terms of my Instagram pictures, I have been trying to make each picture more personal while still maintaining an aesthetic grid. I think I have gotten the wheel turning on this goal from last month, so this month I really want to capitalize on it!

What are your goals for July?


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