June Favorites

I have a lot of exciting things that I bought this month, for so much less!

First up is this beautiful Coach Reversible City Tote In Signature Canvas. I bought this from the North Conway, New Hampshire Outlets 70% + 20% off! It was originally $350, but I bought it for $84! I couldn’t believe I got such a good deal on a premium tote bag! I am obsessed with this bag! It makes for a perfect overnight bag, especially the little pouch that comes with it. Since it is reversible, there aren’t any zippers or buttons, so it is not the most safe bag, so I wouldn’t suggest taking this bag anywhere where you would worry about the safety of your bag of the things inside it.

Next is this Urban Decay concealer! I love this formula! It is the most light weight concealer I have used but it is still pigmented enough to get rid of any redness or dark circles. My favorite part of this product is the applicator. I can’t get over how easy this product is to apply because of the applicator, which dispenses the perfect amount of product!

Next up is this Tarte Better Bod Bronze & Contour! I use a tanning mitt to apply this on my body for a super subtle, streak-free bronze. I love how subtle it is because it doesn’t look like I fake tanned at all! It also dries 30 seconds after application so you don’t have to wait very long after a shower to put clothes on! I got myself the travel size to see if I like it and I love it!

Also from Tarte, the So Fine Micro Liner. This is my new favorite liquid eyeliner! Not only does it not smudge, but it applies in a dark, smooth line in only one application! I had to use multiple strokes with my Kat Von D tattoo liner in order to get the color and consistency I wanted, but I only use one layer of this when I apply! And it is a thin applicator, which as you know if you watch my YouTube videos, I love!

Next up is the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara! This mascara is a great natural mascara. Usually I would go for a very dramatic mascara, but I started to use this more for natural makeup looks and it has grown a lot on me! The quality of the product is amazing and the perfect amount of product is on the brush before applying. My eyelashes look like they are eyelash extensions when I wear it!

Next is a skincare product, the Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum. I bought the travel size, since Tatcha is an expensive skincare brand, but this product is everything it was hyped up to be! I have dry skin, so this hydrating serum is something my skin can definitely benefit from. Tatcha is a brand that is known for focusing on the quality of the ingredients in the product and I truly feel like this product is no different!

Another skin care product! This Limited Edition Fresh Soy Face Cleanser! Ugh. I don’t even know where to begin! First of all, the packaging is to die for and the product itself is not different. This cleanser is one of the top cleansers to ever be made and I can fully understand why! It is so gentle on the skin but harsh on removing makeup. There is no other cleanser that leaves my face feeling so soft and fresh afterwards. It is definitely a new holy grail product for me!

So obviously this product is not new in my routine, but I just picked up this nude colored Beauty Blender! I prefer this color over the others, since it is easier to see the makeup in it, which helps me make sure I get out all the makeup when I am cleaning it! I never put makeup on without using my Beauty Blender!

Next, is this Kylie Cosmetics blush in the shade Virginity. The color may be a bit bright at first look, which may be intimidating, but I assure you a little goes a long way and as long as you don’t apply too much, the color is so effortlessly beautiful! I also love the formula, since it is so soft, bendable and easy to work with!


Last, I said I would incorporate a person I was enjoying to follow in my last monthly favorites post/video, so this month’s is Maddie Arsenault. I have the pleasure of knowing her and she is so sweet and has such an incredible eye for interior design! I love her simplistic, modern style and she has been a huge influence in my renovation process in my room!


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