L.A. Itinerary

We started off our day with Pressed Juicery shots and juice that we bought the night before so we could have our breakfast on the road! I had the wellness shot and the celery juice and they were not that bad! I would even go so far to say they were good! We wanted something small, just to hold us over until we had brunch at the Beverly Hills hotel.

The Beverly Hills hotel was a dream.

The interior design of this hotel is INSANE. It is as beautiful (or more) in person as it is known for.

We had breakfast at the Cabana Cafe, which was next to the pool. At the pool, there was a strict no camera policy, but at the cafe you could take pictures and videos if you were respectful and wanted to.

We started off with a pot of coffee to split amongst us…

Then I had the most expensive waffle I have ever had, but let me tell you…it was damn good. My sister got the breakfast burrito and it was the most delicious meal I had ever tasted.

We parked our car there for the day, since it was only $30 and then later took an Uber to our next destination. I had to get something from the gift shop while I was there! I got a wine bottle opener as a souvenir because

1. It was like the only thing I could afford and

2. Because I didn’t have one!

Next stop: Rodeo drive

We window shopped here for a little bit, took some pictures and were just taking it all in. Amber saved her money to get a Louis Vuitton key chain coin holder so she did get that while we were here.

Next, we Ubered to Melrose Ave!

First, we fueled up with the best coffee from Alfred! There are so many cool drinks that you can get there. It is a MUST if you are near one!

The shopping at Melrose was much more exciting for us since it was more affordable and we went to a lot of places we hadn’t been to before! We stopped in Glossier and got a few things. I got the perfume, which I cannot recommend enough!

We had to stop by and take a picture at the famed pink wall…

Along with the Sorella store..

To finish off our time in LA, we stopped by Urth Cafe to get avocado toast! Yes, it is as good (if not better) than it looks…10/10 recommend.


Watch my LA Vlog to see more details!


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