March Favorites


My first favorite purchase of the month is definitely this Ditptyque candle in the scent Roses. I bought this candle from Net-A-Porter, because their packaging is impeccable. I will definitely be keeping the box and bow to use as room decor in my room. This candle was $35, which is definitely pricy for its size, so I will be saving this candle for special occasions. However, it has already filled my room with the most beautiful, floral smell without even lighting it!


Next we have my new favorite blush! I bought this travel size NARS blush in the color Orgasm from Sephora. This product was definitely hyped up over social media and I needed a new blush, so I went for it! What I like to do when I am not 100% sure I will love a product, is I like to buy the travel size to test the product out without spending too much. With this blush, you definitely don’t need a lot! I love the subtle shimmer and the orange undertone. It just adds natural color to your face.

This Stila glitter & glow liquid eyeshadow in the shade bronzed bell made me shook. No, I have NEVER used that word before but I seriously don’t know how else to describe it. When I put it on for the first time, my jaw seriously dropped. The thing I love most about this is the pigment, payoff and it doesn’t smudge! You literally swipe the liquid eyeshadow on your eyelid like you would put nail polish on your nail. SO EASY! You don’t need more than one coat and this lasted the whole night without any sign of wear. For a bold, sparkly, metallic eye look, this is my holy grail.✓&q=bronzed+bell&button=search

Still on the topic of eyeshadow, this Anastasia Beverly Hills soft glam eye shadow palette is amazing! This is my first eyeshadow purchase from Anastasia Beverly Hills and I was very happy with it. The thing that stood out to me most, compared to other eyeshadow palettes from over companies, was the shimmer shades! I didn’t need to use a setting spray to get the pigment and there was no fall out from the shimmer shades either! I personally was drawn to this palette because of the natural tone colors and couldn’t be happier with this product!

About a month ago, I was really struggling with my skin. I was consistently breaking out and I felt like I had no control over my skin. So, my mom treated me to a facial and my facialist told me that my pores were so clogged that no matter what I did to my skin, nothing would work because the products weren’t able to seep into my skin. After she cleared my pores and essentially re-set my face, she told me to stop using any other products other than my Cetaphil cleanser, this PCA skin hydrating serum and PCA skin smoothing toner. I have only been using these products for a month, but I definitely have seen a difference. I use this hydrating serum every morning and night. It is a little tacky, but after about ten minutes, it is absorbed by my skin and leaves a smooth texture.

Three times a week I use this smoothing toner. This toner is for people with oily skin, so I only use it three times a week, since I have dry skin. My facialist suggested to use this toner in addition to my serum to combat my breakouts while hydrating my skin. The serum is definitely more expensive than I would like, so I am not sure yet if I think it is worth it compared to other hydrating serums, since I have not tried many, but for me, for now, I am investing more money into my skin.



Along these skin care lines, I have fallen in love with a new foundation! This Tarte water foundation is the best liquid foundation option for my skin! I am the shade light neutral and I love the applicator, so you can customize the coverage depending on how many drops you use! Don’t forget, your makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath! This means that if you skin is unhealthy, your foundation can look cakey, streaky, or splotchy because its base, you skin, is not healthy!

Now for lips! I love Kylie Cosmetics liquid matte lipsticks. I bought this color, Dirty Peach, as a single, because I wanted to save a little money, since I had other lip liners that would go with it. I am obsessed with this color, especially for spring! This formula is definitely drying, so make sure your lips are well hydrated before putting it on and hydrate them when you take them off!

Dirty Peach | Matte Liquid Lipstick

I know this probably isn’t for many people, but this month I bought a subscription to the Blogosphere Magazine and couldn’t be happier! First of all, Lydia Millen, the woman on the cover is someone I look up to most in my life! She is a huge reason why I was inspired to start a blog and Youtube channel (Coming very soon!) Since she was on the cover and I am getting my feet underneath me with my blog, I thought it was the perfect time to buy this subscription, because there is so much information in Blogosphere magazines on how to succeed in the blogging industry that have helped me so much. I would highly suggest this subscription if you are a blogger!













Last but not least, my phone case! I have the iPhone 6s and I have been looking for the past two years for a case that I loved. Finally, I found one from Urban Outfitters! I love how it is subtle but not plain. It looks especially good with my rose gold phone.


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