November Goals

Another monthly goals post! I love these because I feel like I can take time to sit down, reflect on where I am and where I want to go.

  1. Challenge myself with being more spontaneous and adventurous. I am not someone who volunteers to do things outside my comfort zone and I love to plan things before they happen. My boyfriend is the opposite and has really inspired me to challenge myself to be more comfortable with the uncomfortable. I think this will  lead me to living a happier, more fulfilled life, even though it is a little nerve wracking to do.
  2. Focus on sleep. I have not been sleeping well the past month or 2 and I know I need to put a little more energy into my bedtime routine. I want to start washing up earlier so I am in the mindset of calming down, so I don’t go from 100 to 0 and expect myself to instantly fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow. I have been trying to incorporate more reading into my life so I think the perfect time to do it is right before bed. I am currently reading the F Word by Lily Pebbles, and I am almost finished with it!
  3. Budget for the holidays. I have done a great job so far this year on budgeting for the holidays, since I am more aware of my monthly expenses! I am almost done with Christmas shopping! Can you believe it?! It helps that I already knew what I wanted to get, so the second things went on sale, I got them!
  4. Film better quality videos for my YouTube channel. I have a VERY exciting video coming out today on my channel, which my boyfriend has worked so hard on that will take my quality of videos to a new level! I also plan to do more vlogs (since they are the most watched videos) and better quality hauls (less talking, more showing)!

I would always love to hear feedback if you have any! Happy November!


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