San Francisco Itinerary

Our trip to California was an absolute dream! I wanted to share with you all our itinerary incase you guys want to travel to these places! We went the 3rd week in March, so it was a little overcast the whole time, but we didn’t let that stop us! I vlogged my time in San Fransisco, so if you want to see more of our travel troubles and the beautiful places we saw along the way, it is HERE

Where we stayed: Hilton San Fransisco Union Square 

We loved the hotel! It was in the perfect location and we utilized the gym every morning! It was right next to a trolley stop and that’s how we got around the city for the most part (minus a few Ubers).

1st stop: breakfast at Toasty 

We took the trolley to get here and Toasty was a DREAM for avocado toast! We each got a different type and we also ordered a tumeric latte and a beet latte, well, because they looked cute! The beet latte was actually pretty good! The tumeric one though was so strong, so if you don’t like the taste of tumeric I don’t suggest getting it. There was also peanut butter toast options, which my sister got, so if you don’t like avocado toast, no worries! The place was small, I think there was only 6 bar stool spots in the store, but if the weather was nicer, I believe they had some outdoor seating as well! We had amazing customer service there and couldn’t recommend this place anymore!

2nd stop: shopping at Union Square

The hotel was right around the corner from all the stores! We hit up Urban Outfitters, Zara, Forever 21, Nike, Athlete, Aritiza, and there were so many more! 

Third stop: biking across the Golden Gate Bridge

I thought that this bike ride was only 2 miles…the bridge itself is 2 miles and the total bike ride was 8 miles! We biked from the bike store to the other side of the bridge to a town called Sausalito. There, we parked our bikes and had the BEST Italian dinner at a small restaurant on the water. Then, we took a ferry back to San Fransisco and returned our bikes. This was the only activity we were affected by the rain. We waited for the sky to clear, then went on our adventure! Also, peep my mom in the background trying to get a selfie…(gotta do it for the gram…)

Fourth stop: Ghirardelli factory for dessert (duh!)

After biking off our Italian meal, we indulged in the world-famous Ghirardelli factory ice cream. Mocha chip is my all-time favorite ice cream flavor, so I had to get that & if I get ice cream, I ALWAYS get a waffle cone. It was so good even amber (with a dairy sensitivity) couldn’t resist…2 bites…they she was out for the count. 

5th stop: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse! 

We got some treats for our car ride, which were to die for. I got a croissant (shocker) and my mom and sister both got some fun donuts! Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a MUST when you are in San Fransisco! Who doesn’t want this kind of picture (below)?!

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