Spring Cleaning: Social Media



About a year ago, I found myself getting frustrated with what I was seeing on my newsfeed on Instagram. I was flooded with pictures of people or things that I really did not care about. One day I was so fed up with the quantity of pictures I had to go through in order to see one picture I cared about, so I went through everyone that I followed and started unfollowing people. I figured it was only going to be a handful of people that I would unfollow, but it turned out to be hundreds. When I saw someone’s username, I asked myself, “Does this person bring any value into my life?” If the answer was no, then I unfollowed them. It took me hours to go through every account that I followed but when I was done, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Finally, my feed was only of people or things that I cared about. Now, whenever someone’s name comes up on my feed I continue to ask myself if that person’s account brings any value into my life, so it is much easier to keep my feed the way I want it to look and be about. I highly recommend everyone, as spring is nearing (not as fast as I would like though!) to not only spring clean your closet, but spring clean your social media in who you are following and ask yourself, “Does this person/account bring any value into my life?”


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