Summer Fridays Product Reviews

I love Summer Fridays as a brand for many reasons.

1. All their products are clean, vegan…and they work.

2. Their packaging is beautiful and recyclable. For the tubing masks (Jetlag, Overtime, R+R, & the lip butter balm) you can buy a tubing key to make sure you are using every last drop of the product. I also love the glass containers that the animo gel cleanser & CC serum are in, because it completely elevates the product, adding to the luxurious feel.

3. The recycling program. If you save any 5 Summer Fridays empty products, you email them, they send you a paid packing slip, you send it, and receive a free mini Jetlag mask in the mail! Win win WIN!

Now, to get into the products…

Jet Lag Mask: This mask is my all time holy grail product. I have never loved 1 specific product so much before. It is sensitive, versatile and effective. I personally have dry skin, so this is seriously my saving grace. I use it almost every night and I am always shocked at how soft and hydrated my skin is in the morning after using the Jet Lag mask at night. I now do not need to wash my face in the morning because it is still benefitting from the mask even 8 hours after applying it. (Yes I think this product somewhow has magic in it) How I use it:

    • All over my face everyday as a moisturizer
    • A thick layer at night for a hydrating sleeping mask
    • Under my eye for a day or night eye cream, applying with my ring fingers (they have the least amount of dexterity so they are the most gentle on the most sensitive part of your face)
    • Hand cream

Overtime MaskI use this mask once a week on the days I need a bit deeper exfoliation. I have sensitive and dry skin so I can’t use harsh exfoliators. The overtime mask is gentle yet effective. The mask itself smells like pumpkin, the main ingredient. I tend to use the overtime mask on Saturday or Sunday nights, after I take off a full face of makeup and feel like I want to really make sure every once of dirt, makeup, etc is stripped from my face and I am starting the week fresh faced.

R+R Mask: This product smells A-MAZING. R+R smells like rose and is an oil based mask that has super small particles that are extra gentle to exfoliate. After about 30mins, I gently remove the mask using a warm, damp towel, then I pat the remnants of the oil into my skin. I typically use this mask once a week.

CC Me Serum: This is the only Vitamin C serum that I am aware of that is not sticky. The serum is slightly tacky when it dries so you know when it is all soaked in. My favorite part about this serum is the instant glow that you get after applying.

Super Amino Gel CleanserI have never loved a cleanser until I started using this one. I have sensitive skin so most cleansers are too harsh for me to use more than once a day. I can use this cleanser twice a day if I need to (usually after I workout and at night before bed) and not feel like my skin has been stripped of all its natural oils. I think it has the perfect amount of lather, it’s not sticky and smells fresh and luxurious.

Lip Butter BalmThis is the best every-day lip balm! You can wear it as it is to hydrate your lips or you can use it as a lip topper over your lipstick to add a sheen to your color! The Lip Butter Balm truly is buttery smooth, not sticky and has the most beautiful hint of vanilla flavor. You can also use it on your eyelid for the “wet eyeshadow” look!


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