The Book Everyone Needs To Read

My boss, Shelby Turcotte published The Shelby Trained Code about 9 months ago. When he wrote it, he wasn’t interested in book sales as he was just wanting to positively impact and help as many people as he could. We figured if someone read the book and implemented at least 1 new “rule” into their lives:

1. Their new good habit would eventually save them more than the $8 that it cost to buy the book and

2. It would enhance the quality of their lives.

The codes are quick and easy to read, which means anyone, whether you understand health/fitness/wellness at all or not can digest the information. You can pick the book up and read it straight through, read a couple at a time or also randomly flip to a page and see what code you land on. Some are serious, some a funny but all of them can and will bring value into anyones lives either now or later in life. Below is one of my favorite codes and has totally shifted my mindset in terms of how successful I am at achieving my goals.

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