The Book Everyone Needs to Read

Change Your Brain Change Your Body is a book everyone should read. Daniel G. Amen does an incredible job at making scientific information easy to read and understand. Essentially, this book is about the significance of taking care of your brain. Your brain is the fundamental driver for health. Amen breaks up the book in four sections: Brain Basics, Change Your Brain Change Your Weight, Change Your Brain Beautify and Strengthen Your Body, and Change Your Brain Increase Love and Vitality. In these four sections, there is a total of sixteen chapters, making up 310 pages. Amen goes into detail about how in every aspect of your life, how important your brain health is. Amen usually discusses the phenomenon, gives a real-life example on how the science he is describing is shown in everyday life, then gives the reader a chance to reflect and understand if this is an issue for them and he wraps up the chapter with every way you can make a change in your life to improve the areas you need to.


Another reason why I love this book is the way it was written. I am not a strong or fast reader, so having the “Action Steps” in every chapter were really helpful to me. That way, if I wanted to go back and re-read anything to refresh my memory on a certain topic, I don’t need to re-read the entire chapter, I can just read the action steps. Also, there are occasionally activities at the end of the chapter, like setting goals for yourself, for example. I also found this helpful because after reading a chapter about goal setting, boom, there was a space where you can implement what you learned from that chapter immediately. Overall,  I think brain health is starting to be discussed more and more and more people are aware of it, which is definitely a step in the right direction. Change Your Brain Change Your Body is by far the best book  I have read and I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know, because everyone can learn something, if not a lot, from this book.


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