The Scent I Am Currently Obsessed With: Lavender

Lavender is known for its calming properties and I try to utilize it as much as I can, especially getting ready for bed. I wanted to share and highlight the products I use on a regular or daily basis and how I incorporate them into my routine.

Soaking Salts: Tidal Living’s lavender soaking salts are my all time favorite. Tidal is made, locally for me, in Freeport, Maine and only uses clean and natural products. I love the aesthetic of these soaking salts, which comes with the cute, little wooden spoon and tea bag sachets. I love that the lavender essential oil is infused in the soaking salts, because the lavender helps relax my muscles and my mind while I am taking a bath and trying to unwinding.

Bubble Bath: Dr. Teal’s has the best bubble bath at such an affordable price! You definitely do not need a lot in order to get a full tub of bubbles! I love this specific bubble bath, since it has the lavender essential oils infused in it. Not only will the bubble bath cleanse and nourish your skin, but the lavender will also help calm your mind and muscles, so I love to use this in a bath to unwind before bed whenever I can.

Hand Soap & Lotion: I fell in love with the Mrs. Meyer’s lavender hand soap and lotion when I visited my friend Hannah in DC last fall. I used it and couldn’t believe how good my hands smelled and how long that scent lasted! I have every sink in our house stocked up on this soap with the lotion. I prefer to have the same scent as much as I can, so I was so happy to see that there was a hand lotion that matched the hand soap!

Essential Oil: I got this lavender essential oil from Leapin Lizards. I love to diffuse this oil after dinner in my room to wind down and it smells so good! I also love the fact that this lavender oil is local for me and is made in Brunswick, Maine.

Linen Spray: I love lavender linen spray and especially this one from Shore Soap Co because it is made with clean, natural products and made in New England! Words cannot express how much I enjoy smelling this lavender on my pillow as I doze off to sleep. I even bring this with me when I travel!


How do you unwind and are there any lavender products that you love?


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