The Steps to How I Gained My Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence: (n) a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment.

We all struggle with self confidence in different ways, in different areas of our lives and during different times. I find myself at a constant ebb and flow of feeling confident and insecure. We are constantly evolving and our environment is always changing around us.

The key to self-confidence, which is stated in the definition above, is trust.

How do you gain trust?

Making promises with yourself and sticking to them.

Over time, after continually fulfilling those promises to yourself, you will magically develop more confidence in yourself.

This is why we aren’t confident in things that are new to us, because we haven’t proven to ourselves that we can actually do it!

1 mistake I have learned more recently is that you can’t just decide you want to do something and work super hard at it to achieve it. Unfortunately, you can’t speed up or out work time, so showing up for yourself consistently is key.

Another mistake I have made and see people make are saying affirmations to themselves and not fully embodying that mantra. Actions speak louder than words, so after you establish your goal, make sure you have an action plan on how you will become that.

Building off this, it is vitally important to make goals for yourself that truly are aligned with your purpose. I see so many people making goals that society wants them to. Make sure you really go within and ask yourself who and what do you really want to become? When you know, create clear boundaries for yourself to stay in alignment with your purpose.

The more promises you make with yourself and the more boundaries you get clear on, over time you will feel a sense of self-confidence that can’t be rocked, no matter what life throws at you.


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