Washington DC Itinerary

In October, I flew down to DC for a quick weekend trip to visit one of my closest friends. We crammed a lot in 48 hours and had the best time with her, so I thought I would share the things that we did that I would totally recommend visiting or seeing!

  1. Smithsonian’s National Zoo. First of all, it was free! We walked to the zoo from my friend’s house and it was so much fun to just walk through the park and see all the animals, especially since it was a nice day.
  2. We took electric scooters from the bottom of the zoo to the national mall. It was nice to walk around and see all the historic buildings, especially since we don’t have much history in the United States, compared to other countries, the buildings and statues that we do have are really special and I think important to see.
  3. We took electric bikes from the national mall to Georgetown! I totally fell in love with Georgetown. I didn’t think it was a must-see city, but it definitely is. It is so cute, with a variety of shops from Brandy Melville, Blue bottle coffee, Urban Outfitters, and so much more! We obviously had to stop in to get a Georgetown cupcake…it was definitely worth the wait! There was even a cats, coffee and cookie dough store…which sounds like a fantastic business to me!
  4. The next day, it was raining so we decided to stay indoors. First, we went to Union Market for coffee and breakfast. I could not say enough good things or recommend Union Market more! Rain or shine this place is a MUST see if you are in DC! It seems like there is a lot of outdoor seating with games for when it is nice out. Inside, there are a bunch of small businesses like a crepe place, coffee shop, interior design store and so much more. We opted for a coffee and crepe and browsed the interior design store before we drove to the spy museum.
  5. The spy museum was fun for all ages, because it was interactive as you wanted it to be and you could move through the museum at whatever pace you preferred. I found all the history of spies super interesting along with the “new battlefield”, the internet. There are so many museums in DC, so if you are in the area, you have to go to one! Especially since most of them are free.

To check out more details on the trip, watch my vlog!


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