What I Bought For the Summer

I wanted to share the few things I bought for the start of the summer. I will obviously be buying more summer things as the summer goes on, but I wanted to share the things I bought t prepare for the summer!

First up is this beautiful Coach tote bag! I bought this at the Coach Factory Outlets and got it for an absolute bargain! I got it for 70% off and 20% off on top of it, because it was on sale! I seriously couldn’t believe it! So, I spent $84 on an original $350 bag! I bought this bag for the summer, because it is the perfect overnight bag. This summer, my sister and I have a goal to travel more to closer cities and places we just haven’t made an effort to go and see. When I was studying abroad last summer in England I found myself wanting to travel and explore places that were anywhere from 10 minutes to 4 hours away. Then I thought to myself, why don’t I make this kind of effort in traveling and exploring beautiful places near where I live? So, I am trying not to take my local, beautiful cities and places for granted anymore and live more like a tourist in my own territory. 

The bag itself is made with amazing quality. I love how simple and sleek it is with the black leather and gold hardware. This bag is reversible so the brown and black classic Coach print is on the inside, which can be flipped inside out at any point! So it is essentially 2 bags in 1! The only concern I would have is the lack of security, since there aren’t any pockets or zippers in the bag, since it is reversible. This doesn’t bother me, because I want to use this bag as an overnight bag, so it will always be with me, as opposed to a bag I would carry around a city with.

Next, is this American Eagle white ripped denim skirt! White is my favorite color, especially to wear, because it makes you look more tan and is such an effortlessly beautiful color if you find the right fit and type of clothing. The reason why I love this skirt so much is because you can wear it with anything! White goes with everything, so I will definitely get a lot of wear out of this skirt!

Along the same lines, I am in love wit this denim skirt from Lulus! Denim has never and will never go out of style. With that said, my denim purchases I know will last for as long as the item fits, because no matter what season or year, denim will always be in style! I love this skirt specifically because it is a denim skirt with a twist! I love that it has a zipper in the back, so that the front of the skirt is structured but smooth and seamlessly fits! I knew the second I saw this skirt on the Lulus website that I needed to have it!

Another Lulus purchase that I am obsessed with is this crisp white button up shirt, again, with a twist! I love the cut out parts on the shoulders, because it makes it more summery, since it is warmer weather. When I wear the skirt with a skirt or shorts I love to keep the last 2 buttons un-buttoned and tie the bottom, so the shirt isn’t as long as the skirt/shorts itself. However, if I wear the shirt with jeans or pants I love to wear it completely buttoned down, because the length is perfect! I love pairing this classy, crisp white shirt with jeans, a jean skirt or white ripped skirt because it adds an edgy side to a classic, staple piece. I know that no matter what season and year it is, this shirt, again, won’t go out of style!

Last, but not least, these loafers from Lulus! I realize that this is not a typical “summer shoe” but I wanted to invest in a classy pair of shoes that were a little more formal than flip-flops or sandals. These shoes are just as easy to slip on as my flip-flops, which I love! I also was not sure if I liked this style on me, so I wanted to get an inexpensive but still good quality pair to test drive the style and then if I liked it (which I do!) I will invest in other colors! 

What pieces have you added to your own summer wardrobe? Comment below!


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