When Will Working Smart Be Cool?


My boss and I discuss this question often. Why is it that we feel like we are guilty if we don’t run ourselves into the ground because we are working so hard? My boss and I came to the conclusion that people don’t differentiate the difference between working hard and working smart. The difference is productivity.

Working 80 hours a week and being productive are two completely different things. If you typically work a 10 hour day and are continually checking your phone for notifications, instead of focusing on the work you need to do for your job, you can work a 70 hour week and simply not be productive.

Today, I just happened to come across a Time article about 10 habits to improve productivity.


I COMPLETELY agree with every single habit that they mention. I have listened to countless entrepreneurs, specialists and successful people who have discussed the productivity topic and time and time again, these 10 habits are proven. Not only will these habits lead to a more productive life, but also a happier one!

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that hard work doesn’t play a major role in productivity. I am saying that there needs to be more of an emphasis on working smart as opposed to working long hours. People shouldn’t be ashamed for taking time off. God forbid someone decided to use their free hour in their day for some “me time”. I continue to see cyber bullying directed towards many Influencers about vacations, time off or any “me time” they have, because they perceive this as lazy and selfish. Ever heard of the phrase “work hard play hard?” It’s OKAY to take time off. No one should even care about the choices other people decide to make with the time in their lives. Stay in your own lane. Worry about yourself. Work hard AND work smart.


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