Why I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions


New Years Resolutions are a big part of the way many people start their year. The idea of setting goals, obviously, is a great practice for everyone! However, I don’t believe in only setting goals at the start of the year. I treat everyday like it is the New Year.

The statistics don’t lie and you have seen it yourself. Gym memberships increase exponentially at the start of the year, but every week the numbers dwindle. Why do we even have New Years resolutions? I understand “starting the new year off right”, but what about all the other months, weeks, and days of the year? Are people supposed to hold back on starting something new or save their goals until January 1st? This is what happens.

Over the past few years, I have learned a lot of skills on success. Success in my mental state, my physical accomplishments and even success financially. Success is relative and completely dependent on what your goals are. Something may be a huge success to one person but mean nothing to someone else. This is why setting your own goals throughout the year, continually checking in with yourself on if you still want those goals or are still on the right path to those goals is critical to success.

I will leave you all with a quote from my boss, which has stuck with me and many others, “Nothing special happens on Mondays.” I know everyone has been a victim of the “I will start on Monday” mentality. Bottom line, the least successful people are those who only make their goals on New Years and wait to start on Mondays.


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