Why We Need Goals to Survive

Why do we set goals ?

Goals help us evolve and give us purpose and hope. Evolution is one of the things that makes the human race so special. Without purpose and hope, we don’t have life.

If you wake up everyday and don’t have hope for your future or a purpose to pursue something, what is the point of life?

When people ask me “how do you stay so positive/motivated?” my answer is: I create a life of purpose for myself.

From small, daily tasks like brushing my teeth, doing my skincare routine, making my meals, etc…

I have devoted my life and energy to intentionally giving purpose to every action I take to create a hopeful future of becoming a better version of myself. 

The key to this, is to not wait and to take action, today. Small, daily changes lead to big, lasting results.

Once you have decided on the things you want to change, do it and don’t tell anyone. If you need an accountability buddy, I understand, make it 1 person. I have seen myself and others talk about all the things they want to do without any real, sustainable actionI used to get so sick of hearing myself talk about the things I was going to do and got so frustrated with myself on not becoming them, that I just stopped telling people my goals. Stop flexing or flaunting your goals…

Hide your hustle.

Actions speak louder than words.




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