6 Things I Have Learned After 6 months of Blogging

  1. Find your passion. I started this blog, because about a year and a half ago, my boyfriend kept asking me what I love to do and what my passions were. I love personal training, but at the same time I feel as if I was missing something. So, I figured out that I was able to express my creative side through a blog, because everything was up to me: the time I put into it, the content on it, etc. I truly do find fulfillment and joy blogging, and I hope you ask yourself and the ones you love what their passions are and what are the things that they truly love to do. I will be doing a separate blog post on this soon, because I believe it is vital to life to do what you love.
  2.  Not worrying about other people’s opinions. I knew that the moment I started this blog, I would get teased a bit about it. It’s hard to “not listen to what other people think” when it is about your blog, because your blog directly reflects you, your interests and beliefs, so it is hard to not take negativity personally. In addition, I really value other people’s opinions about my blog and I really want to create content that people want to consume, so I find myself vulnerable to harsh opinions. At the end of the day, I sometimes have to remind myself that my blog is solely mine and as long as I find joy from it, I will keep doing it.
  3. Confidence. Piggybacking off of that, I have really learned to not give a F about what people think about me or the things I do, because I am the only one that can live with my mistakes. I have found that I fear regret more than I fear what people think of me, so that is why I have pursued my blog and YouTube channel since I started them. I cannot describe to you the happiness that these two things bring me, because I just have stuck with my gut, ignored the noise around me and just put in the work to produce the content I want.
  4. Consistency. A more analytical, but very important lesson! I knew going into my blog, which is true with almost every thing in life is consistency matters, a lot. I knew that I had to set a realistic goal for myself on how many blog posts I wanted to do a week or month, so that I could do them well and not overwhelm myself. I  decided to go with 1 blog post a week, aiming to post on Saturdays, and I have been 95% consistent with it! Life happens, so don’t stress yourself out over not making your own deadlines if you physically can’t, but do set a realistic goal for yourself on the things you love to do, because you will actually be able to do them and enjoy them!
  5. Finding your style. I have found that finding my style, in terms of fashion and photography have really made me so much happier than I ever thought it would. I went to a private school, with a dress code, so I didn’t really think about what my style was until after I was 18 years old. It was a long and slow process, which is still evolving, where I bought so many clothes I never wore (find them at my Depop). Now that I have had the time, money, and energy to really reflect and figure out what my style is, I have been able to produce better content for my social media platforms, which have given me so much joy and fulfillment! In addition, I rarely get rid of clothes anymore, unless the quality of the clothing is bad, so I am saving tons of money by only buying things I see myself wearing for many years!
  6. Figure out what really means the most. Since I am working full time, and pretty much spend any other waking second of my life either on my blog or other social media platforms, I rarely have “free-time”. This has really made me value the time I have and think about where or who I want to spend it. I think it is so important to know and understand the hierarchy of people or things that mean a lot to you, so if you do get free time, you know where or how you want to spend it.

Overall, I have found that choosing happiness is the only way I want to live my life. I want to love every second of what I do, so if that means spending less time with certain people or less time doing certain things, I have no problem making those sacrifices. Today, if you can’t answer the question, “What is your passion, what are you passionate about?” I want you to really think about the people or things that make you happy or passionate and don’t stop reflecting until you find the answer. Once you have found your answer, do it 100% and don’t look back.





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