The Podcast Everyone Needs to Listen To

This is a podcast by Sarah Day and her boyfriend Kurt Tilse! One of my good friends showed me Sarah Day one day (cough cough, Sarah Winters) and I will forever be grateful! Sarah and her boyfriend are both hilarious, relatable and inspiring in so many different ways. Overall, they just want people to live happier, healthier and less stressful lives, which is exactly my motto too! I have listened to every episode they have made thus far and I agree with everything they say from nutrition, relationships, food, sleep, you name it! What I also love about them is their humor! They are the first people to laugh at themselves and I love how they send out such a positive and inspiring message in a not so serious, but relatable way! Don’t get me wrong, they definitely do reel it in and talk about serious things once in a while, but their humor is definitely what makes them different and one of the biggest reasons why I love them and why I think they are so successful! I will let you all hear it for yourselves!


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